Necessary documents for the implementation of projects within the territory of the FEZ  “Namangan”:


1. Investment application

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Business Plan Requirements


                          Necessary documents for the implementation of projects in the territory of the FEZ “Namangan”

  • In accordance with the existing procedure, at the first stage, the investor submits a completed investment application to the Directorate of the Namangan FEZ for the placement of project in the territory of the Namangan FEZ, with an appendix to it
  • information regarding state registration of a legal entity (investor) or other documents confirming the activities of this investor
  • the business plan of the proposed investment project;
  • Information confirming the investor's experience in the relevant field and / or the implementation of similar investment projects (if any). In the absence of experience in the relevant field and / or the implementation of similar investment projects, the investor shall submit to the Directorate information regarding the technology partners involved in the implementation of the investment project;
  • Information about the financial and economic activities of the investor over the past three years.
  • If, at the time of filing the investment application, the investor:
  • carries out business activities from 1 to 3 years, the investor submits to the Directorate information about financial and economic activities for the actual time of his activity;
  • did not carry out financial and economic activities or carried out them for less than a year, the investor submits to the Directorate information on financial and economic activities of at least one investor founder.
  • The business plan submitted to the Directorate of FEZ "Namangan" should reflect the following main provisions:
  • The number of jobs created with the sources of recruitment (local - college graduates, persons sent by the labor exchange, employees of other organizations and the involvement of specialists from abroad);
  • Name, specificity and volume of the planned production;
  • Estimated prices and markets for manufactured products, indicating volumes of supplies to domestic and foreign markets;
  • Marketing research of internal and external sales markets of the products planned for production;
  • Availability of a raw material base and guaranteed ability to provide raw materials for the period of the investment project, with a separate indication of local and imported materials, components;
  • calculations of the level of localization of production and changes in the commodity position of the final product according to the commodity nomenclature code of the foreign economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan (HS code version 2017) compared with the raw materials at the level of one of the first 4 digits;
  • Logistics and transportation of resources and finished products necessary for production;
  • the necessary volumes and parameters of engineering and communications support facilities (electricity, natural gas, drinking and industrial water, sewage, roads) for the implementation of the investment project and the stable functioning of production;
  • The estimated size of the required area for the rational distribution of production;
  • preliminary layout of the production location indicating the location of the main production hall, equipment and production line, administrative building, warehouse and other auxiliary premises;
  • Description of production technology (taking into account environmental requirements) with a list of technological equipment, manufacturers, suppliers and countries;
  • Characteristics of technological equipment intended for use in production, as well as the management system used in the investment project that meets international standards;
  • Estimated volumes, type and timing of investments, sources of financing and estimated collateral in case of a loan;
  • Financial and economic calculations and indicators of economic efficiency of the investment project implementation.
    All documents are submitted by the investor to the Directorate with the application of a translation certified in the established manner of the state or in Russian language. The investor is responsible for the accuracy of the information and documents provided.


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